Vendor Finance

Core Vertical Markets

GSG Financial focuses on being the capital source for assets. Our core vertical markets include:

  • Material Handling
  • Office Products
  • Graphic Arts
  • IT and Software
  • Mailing and Packaging
  • Energy

Vendor Finance Program at GSG Financial

By working with GSG Financial, vendors can service new customers in the public and private sector while experiencing greater financial flexibility. We provide attractive financing for end users and connect them with appropriate manufacturers, vendors and resellers.GSG Financial has a proven track record of success in both the commercial and government sectors. Provide your customers with a lease that accommodates their needs and requirements, including those with nontraditional credit. We offer a full line of services, including:

  • Customized financing and leasing options
  • Contracting and legal expertise
  • Bid review, analysis, and strategy
  • Financing of software and services
  • Billing and collecting services
  • Equipment life and valuation

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